Pierce Park Greens

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Recognized by PING for TOP 100 CLUB FITTER IN THE US!


4 Time Club Fitter Of The Year!

We believe in outdoor ball flight for a true analysis.  We stock all of the latest demo's for you to try first.  You can either test clubs on your own, or you can test clubs with a certified club fitter.

We fit:

Ping, Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, Cleveland,

Tour Edge and Mizuno


Once the proper club is choosen we will then fit you into that golf club.  

When measuring irons we look at:

           1.  Shaft length

           2.  Shaft flex

           3.  Shaft type  (graphite vs. steel)

           4.  Lie angle  (sole at impact, upright vs. flat)

           5.  Set makeup (includes hybrid analysis)

           6.  grip size        

When measuring woods we look at:

           1.  Trajectory

           2.  Flex

           3.  Length

           4.  Spin rates

           5.  Grip size

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